What is the most current release of DOCK?

The most current release is version 5.4.0. This will be the last release of DOCK version 5.

Where do I get the dms program and how much does it cost?

The dms program is distributed by the Computer Graphics Lab at UCSF. It is free of charge. To download a copy of dms, go to this link.

For what platforms is DOCK 5 available?

DOCK 5 is currently compiled for the following platforms:

We also have special distributions under beta testing for:

When I try to compile DOCK 4 or the grid portion of DOCK 5, I get something like the following error:

f77 -O2 -g -fno-second-underscore  -c -o gridpoint.o gridpoint.f
ERROR: Unrecognized arguments: -fno-second-underscore
make: *** [gridpoint.o] Error 1

What can I do to fix this?

This error is the result of compiling both C code and fortran code at the same time. This flag was originally added because some fortran compilers name fortran functions with two underscores, instead of the traditional single underscore. As a result, the C code cannot be compiled because it cannot find the fortran functions. Unfortunately, this flag is not the same for all compilers. Your options are: 1) try commenting out the flag and recompiling, or 2) check the documentation for your compiler to determine the exact format of this flag (ie "-fno_second_underscore").